Jump in the River of Life CD


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“Jump in the River of Life”
By Beth El Kurchner

All the songs in Beth El’s album weave a tapestry of encounters with her Messiah Yeshua (Jesus).

Listen, as these songs will walk you through a glorious personal experience Beth El had in an open-eye vision with Yeshua. In this amazing testimony, she sings of the three times Jesus stirred the white calm river waters with a brown branch rod with a V at the end of it. With everlasting love, feel how Yeshua each time looked down at the water, and when looking up, patiently waited for her response. Encounter Beth El’s exhilaration of divine healing as she finally and courageously jumps into the white calm river water and has all her blues washed away.

Witness this glorious re-enactment of a life restored sung by the author, Beth El, who credits her Messiah Yeshua for the healing of her once broken heart. In all she does, Beth El performs to the Lord from the depths of her heart. As she plays the harmonica, be embraced by this wailing of freedom’s outcry. Never be the same, as his song invites the listener to simultaneously be restored to wholeness!


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